Girls Day Out

Planning a birthday celebration, bachelorette party or just some time with the girls? 

Our team has created the ultimate spa escape you’ve been craving for your group’s upcoming event in the Cayman Islands! Get ready to indulge in pure luxury as we take your pampering to new heights.

Peppermint Bliss
1.5 hours | $160 per person

30 minutes of luxurious, 100% natural, Mint-Lemon Sea Salt Body Scrub + 60 minute massage.

This treatment’s antioxidant properties and sea salt will replenish and revitalise tired and dry skin to bring a natural glow. Next, surrender to a sublime 60-minute full-body massage that transcends mere relaxation. As tension melts away, you’ll be left floating on cloud nine, feeling completely renewed and refreshed.

Expresso Elixir 
1.5 hours | $160 per person

A 30 minute ‘Perk Me Up” Coffee-Sugar Body Scrub + 60 minute massage.

Embrace the bean-efits and glow like a latte superstar with a caffeine-infused treatment.  Imagine a delicious blend of freshly roasted coffee grounds mixed with rich, moisturising oils that exfoliate and nourish your skin. Continued with a 60-minute energising massage, which will increase blood flow, awaken your senses, and provide an instant burst of freshness.

At the end of your group’s session, we invite you to savor a cup of refreshing peppermint tea, carefully chosen to amplify the benefits of your treatment. We want to ensure your Girls Day Out is exactly right. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a special requests.

Want to keep the relaxation going? Some of our other services include Meditation, Flow Yoga and Reiki.

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